Travelguru Vs Cleartrip

  • MD of a sister company of Travelguru secretly shared hotel rates and hotel margins to the competitor company Cleartrip's MD.
  • He was a salaried employed for Travelguru and was regularly receiving money from Cleartrip.
  • Once FIR was registered on complain from Travelguru , immediately Panchkula office of Cleartrip were raided.
  • With the very entry to the Cleartrip its communication with the rest of the world was cut off.
  • EPBX was turned off. Internet cable was disconnected but NO device was turned off.
  • All employees were taken away from computers and cell phones.
  • Computer Hard Disk, Laptops, BlackBerrys, CDs, Pen drives, bank cheques, Printer papers, etc. were taken in the custody.
  • For Cell phones/ Blackberry at the time of seizer IMEI number was noted on the seizer memo. and the battery of the cell phones was removed.
  • For laptops- Model number, MAC address was noted and again battery was taken out.
  • All this was sent to FSL for detailed analysis along with questionnaire.
  • All the email account of the accused were taken
  • There homes were also raided simultaneously
  • FSL report proved email communication and data theft between MD of sister company of Travelguru and Cleartrip.
  • It was further proved from emails and files on Laptops case of cheating.
  • The MD of the Cleartrip is a foreign national and was arrested and released on bail and to cooperate in the further investigation
  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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