Procedure to Apply for Arms License

Vide Haryana Government notification No. S.O.80/H.A.25/2008/Ss.8,9& 10/2009 D.C.P. Panchkula has been appointed to exercise the Jurisdiction with regard to section 3,15,17 and 39 of the Arms act, 1959 (54 of 1959).
Apply for Arms License

Q.1:- How to apply for Fresh Arms License ?

Ans.:- The application for the grant of Arm Licenses are submitted in the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Panchkula at 1st floor with the following documents :-
  • Application on the prescribed performa-A-1
  • Four passport size photographs of white background one attested on the form, the other three duly attested, on the reverse by a Gazetted Officer to be submitted along with the form.
  • Attested copy of the proof of residence i.e. Adhar Card, Pan Card, Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Passport, and Electricity Bill (current) etc.
  • Service certificate Posting certificate/recommendation from the Commanding Officer (in case of Armed Force personnel).
  • Weapon handling certificate (Arms force personal not required).

Q.2:- How to purchase the weapon after issue of Arms License ?

Ans.:- After issue of license the weapon prescribed in, can be purchased from any authorized dealer/authorized licensee in Panchkula if the licensee wishes to purchase the weapon outside Panchkula he/she has to obtain NOC from Licensing Branch and office record of the office and Travel License from the concerned District Magistrate After purchase of weapon it has to be produced for inspection for getting the entry made in the license booklet.

Q. 3:- How to renew the Arms License ?

The license is renewed for a period of three years and the following documents are required at the time of renewal:-
  • Application on prescribed performa (available at Arms License Branch and also on the Website of Panchkula Police.)
  • Original Arm License of the licensee after Police verification.
  • Proof of residence i.e. electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, driving license, passport, election voter id-card, ration card, property/house tax, tax return etc. (self attested photocopies of at least ant two documents.)
  • Weapon to be produced for inspection & fee deposited.
  • Medical Certificate.

Q.4:- How much fee is required to be paid for fresh issue of license and renewal ?

(3 Years)
(3 Years)
Late Fees
Revolver/Pistol/Rifle/Gun Rs. 1000/-Rs. 1500/-Rs. 2000/-
M. L. Gun,Sword, Bayonet Dagger and SpearRs.300/-Rs.300/-Rs.2000/-
DuplicateRs. 1000/---
Endorsement of weaponRs. 500/---
Addition/Deletion of weaponRs. 500/---
Change of Address/Registration of LicenseRs. 500/---
Noc/T.L.Rs. 500/---
Name and other changeRs. 500/---
RetainerRs. 1000/---
Any other service not mention aboveRs. 500/---

Q.5:- What is the procedure for issuing of Duplicate Arms License Book ?

Ans.:- The Duplicate Arms License Books are being issued in the following cases:-
  • In case of missing/lost of Arms License book:- the licensee has to apply on plain paper along with a copy of reportregistered with Police Station and two photographs of applicant attested on the reverse by a Gazetted officer along with an Affidavit on Rs. 10/- Stamp paper duly attested by Notary mentioning the details duly of Arms license and that he/she has lost.
  • In case, old license book is completed/damaged:- The licensee has to apply on plain paper along with original Arm License and two photographs duly attested on reverse side by a Gazetted Officer

Q.6:- What procedure has to be adopted in case of change of address ?

Ans.:- If the licensee has shifted within the jurisdiction of Panchkula, he has to produce the proof of residence of the present address along with application and original arm license. If he/she has shifted out of Panchkula, he/she will apply for registration to the District Magistrate concerned and genuineness letter will be issued on the demand of such D.M., but before that one has to take the transport license to carry the weapon to his new place of residence in case his area validity for the license is Panchkula only.

Q.7:- What needs to be done in case the licensee expire ?

Ans.:- First the legal heirs of the licensee will deposit the weapon which belongs to the deceased after obtaining weapon deposit permission from this office for which they will apply on plain paper along with copy of death certificate and original Arm license.

Q.8:- How the weapon which belongs to the deceased licensee to be disposed-off ?

Ans.:-The first legal heir of the deceased licensee will apply to this office along with the following documents:-
  • Indemnity bond on Rs. 100/- stamp paper duly attested by SDM/Notary
  • NOCs from all legal heirs on Rs. 10/- stamp paper duly attested (each)
  • Weapon Deposit Slip
  • Death Certificate
  • Photography of the license of the purchase, If weapon being sold to any Individual
  • Original liecense of the decreased license (if already not deposited).

Q.9:- How to sell the weapons which exists on an Arm License ?

Ans.:- If the license wishes to sell the weapon(s), which exists on his license he/she will apply on prescribed performa along with original Arms License and photography of Arms License of purchaser. Also he/she can sell the weapon to authorized arms dealer after obtaining permission from the office, the weapon can be transferred on the license of the purchaser only after 45 days. After 45 days he/she will inform this office about the sale of the weapon and the same will be deleted from license.

Q.10:- What is the procedure for registration of Arms License issued from outside Panchkula ?

Ans.:- As per Section 62(3) of Arms Rule which states that if a person who holds a license. In From-1 changes his place of residence, permanently or temporarily for a period of more then 6 months, and carriers with him the weapon concerned by the license, to place other than indicated in column 2 of the license, he shall(within thirty party days of such change), send intimation about such change to the licensing authority of the place or his new residence as well as to the authority which granted the license or last renewed it , as the case may be and shall on demand forthwith produce. The license and the weapon to first mentioned authority for making necessary entry in license to indicate these in the particulars of the new residence of the license.

So if the licensee shifts to Panchkula from outside Panchkula will apply for registration of his license in Panchkula along with the following documents:-
  • Application on prescribed Performa.
  • Three passport size photographs duly attested by a Gazetted Officer on reverse side.
  • Proof of the residence in Panchkula.
  • Original Arm License with Unique Identification Number.
  • He/She will also bring the Weapon(s) which exists on his/her for inspection.
  • Transportation License from District Magistrate concerned if area Validity of Arms License is only for a particular state.

Q.11:- How to apply for grant of prohibited Bore Arms License ?

Ans.:- The License for prohibited Bore weapons is granted by Ministry of Home Affairs. The following types of case are being considered for grant of prohibited bore/ semi/-- automatic arms license:-

1. To Defence personnel who were allocated such weapons prior to june, 1982
2. To legal heirs of the decreased license holders who would like to keep such weapons on family heirlooms basis.
Under 2) Category, There are following two types of cases where the grant of license for possession of PB Arm is allowed:-

There are two categories where a license holder of PB weapon can transfer his weapon:-
  • When the license holder has attained the age of 70 years or
  • When the license holder has held the weapon for more than 25 years.
To apply for such a license the following documents are to be submitted with joint Commissioner of Police, Panchkula who after scrutinizing the case then will forward same to the authority concerned:-
  • Application on the Form-A
  • Three passport size photographs duly attested by a Gazetted Officer on reverse side
  • Age certificate of the applicant
  • Challan for Rs 300/- towards license fee
  • Death Certificate of the licensee(in case of death of licensee) Category-A above
  • Affidavit from the licensee to the effect that he/she has no objection for the transfer of the arm in the name of the applicant and no other person will apply for any license in future if the weapon is transferred (in case Category-B above)
  • Original license renewed up to the current period (in case Category-B above)
  • No objection from the other legal heirs in the prescribed affidavit(Category-A above)
  • If the application is made after the lapse of a considerable time after the death of the license holder. The status of the possession of the weapons.
  • Classification certificate of weapon from authorized agency.

Q.12:- What is the procedure to issue Transport License ?

Ans.:- The transport licenses on various forms prescribed in the Arms Act/Rules, are issued to the licensee and also to the Arms & Ammunition dealers to carry the arms and ammunition to another place against a NOC given by the District Magistrate concerned.

Q.13:- Why the NOC is required ?

Ans.:- If a licensee having area validity of Haryana intends to purchase weapons from Indian Ordinance Factories or even from the dealers of the other States/Union Territories, a NOC is issued to the licensee under the provision of Rules 50(i) of the Arms Rules, 1962 by this office. The licensees of other states are following the same procedure unless the issuing authority has issued a NOC and this office to take out the weapon from Panchkula issues Transport License.

Q.14:- What is special permit ?

Ans.:- The shooters of various categories are issued special permit to procure ammunition for target practice. The quantity of ammunition is dependent upon the performance of the shooter in different shooting events. These permits are issued for one year and renewed further on the basis of the performance of the shooter keeping in view the ammunition utilized by him during the year.

After 7 days License can be collected from the Arms Licensing Branch.

Note: - The licensee can apply for renewal of his/her license from one month in advance to one month later from the date of expiry of license. This period will be treated, as valid period for renewal and within this period only the due fees will be charged but afterwards late fees will be charged.

Area Validity of Arms License

Area Validity of Arms LicenseThe Government of India decided, that the Licensing authority may allow area validity up to All India for (i) Sitting Union Ministers/MP?s, (ii) Personnel of Military, Para Military (iii) Officers of All-India Services and (iv) officers with liability to serve anywhere in India and (v) Sports persons, AIV may be allowed for 3 years, after which it shall be reconsidered by the authority based on need and the area validity can be either reduced or allowed to continue for another three years. MHAAll India validity may be allowed for three years in such cases and shall be re-considered after three years by the Licensing authority with prior concurrence of MHA.

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