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Police Control Room

Police Control Room Panchkula is one of the first Modern Computerised Control Rooms in Haryana. All calls made to 100 are fully recorded. In addition to this, the Police Control Room Panchkula has got following facilities to serve the people better:

Dial 100 System

Police Control RoomA call made by dialing 100 from any landline or mobile phone of any telecom service provider will be received at Police Control Room on which immediate action will be proceeded or the call’s detailed information is filled in predefined form and is submitted to the higher authorities through In-Charge, Control Room . Total 6 Police personnel are deputed on ‘Dial 100’ system. At least one in-charge and 6 police personnel are deputed on duty for each shift.

Women Helpline

Two Women Police Personnel are deputed on ‘Women Help Line No. 1091 at Panchkula Police Control Room. And one Lady Police Officer is deputed on each shift all the time. But the calls received on this number are very less.

Senior Citizens Helpline

Two Women Police Personnel who are deputed on ‘Women Help Line No. 1091 at Panchkula Police Control Room also attends the calls received at Senior Citizens Helpline No. 2582100. But the calls received on this number are very less.

Automatic Vehicle Location System ( AVLS)/ GPRS based Vehicle Tracking System( VTS) provided by ORG

ORGs GPRS based VTS is installed on 80 Vehicles of Panchkula Police.

Wireless Communication Network

There are two types of Wireless Communication Network systems installed at Panchkula Police Control Room.

VHF Communication System

VHF Communication SystemCurrently there are 91 VHF sets with 20W capacity and 125 sets with 2W capacity and one charger and 2 batteries available at Panchkula district. To make the VHF communication more efficient, an Antenna is installed at all police stations under Panchkula district police control room and Panchkula district and one Repeater Traffic Channel installed at District Police Panchkula control room. Five Police Personnel are deputed at Telecom Wing on VHF communication System. VHF Communication system works on Simplex Technique through which the message from single person can be transmitted at a time. District VHF Communication System Working Frequency Channel No. 11 has been allotted with 158.05 MHz and Channel No. 44 has been allotted with 162.65 Megahertz.

SWAN/ WAN System

SWAN/WAN System10 police stations and the office of the ACP are connected with Police Control Room, Panchkula through WAN/ SWAN of BSNL leased lines. And 6 police stations are interconnected with ISDN line and are connected with the District head office and Police head quarters. 8 police personnel are deputed at ¼ telecom wing for SWAN/ WAN. Two police personnel will be deputed on each shift.

Power Backup

One Power Backup Room is setup at Panchkula Police Control Room with UPS capacity as 3 KVA. Servers with Dial 100 system are all attached with on this UPS. There is on UPS with 6 KVA capacity, on which Dial 100 System, computer terminals are attached. One Diesel Generator Set with 83 KVA capacity with Automatic Mains Failure ( AMF) installed on 22-11-2013 to manage the interrupted power supply at Panchkula Police Control Room. 3 KVA Capacity UPS on which Dial 100 computer terminals are attached and 3 KVA Capacity UPS on which other computer terminals of Police control Room are attached.

List of Important Telephone Numbers

If any complication occurs at Panchkula Police Control Room, related person/officer through whom the situation can be regretted.

No. of personnel deputed at Panchkula Police Control Room is as follows:

Sr. No.Rank Telecom WingDistt. PoliceTotal
  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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