Nigerian Letter Fraud

  • One of the most prevalent frauds in world.
  • People receive e-mails mainly from Nigerian nationals.
  • The sender introduces himself/herself as member of the elite families of Nigeria.
  • Claims to be in possession of huge amount of black money.
  • Wants to channelize the same out of Nigeria.
  • Require help.
  • Allures by offering substantial share.
  • Wants the target to provide his account details for transfer of money.
  • Asks for initial amount for bribing the officers in Nigeria
  • On the pretext that his/ her accounts are sealed.
  • Even provides fake communications from the bank about the money.
  • Even communicates on phones. Mails from different parts of world.
  • Once the target responses positively, he is trapped and is asked for more and more money on one pretext or other.
  • On realizing some victims even travel to Nigeria but
Nigerian Letter Fraud
Nigerian Letter Fraud
  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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