Investigation of Cyber Crime Case

Unlike conventional investigation ‘coz

  • Incident taking place in Virtual World
  • Borderless/Transnational
  • Issues of jurisdiction
  • Lightning speed
  • Appreciation of evidence/volatile data
  • Lack of trained investigators
  • Lack of strict legal regime
  • Accused feels he is anonymous and safe
  • Enormity/voluminous data to be forensically analyzed.
  • Issue of connecting the accused with the machine/computer
  • Lack of enthusiasm in reporting Cyber crime
  • No clearly laid down rules for Cyber World.
Cyber Crime Investigation

Essential Requirements for Investigation

  • Immediate Reporting of Breaches
  • Adequate Tools
  • Trained Investigators
  • Computer Literate Witness
  • Assistance of Forensic Experts
  • Immediate investigation
  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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