Genpact BPO Case

  • We received a complaint from Mr. Vikas, G.M. H.R. of Genpact. It was mentioned that some unknown person is sending obscene mails to female staff working at the organization.
  • We Asked the complainant for email copy along with email header.
  • After receiving the above header copy we checked for the IP address mentioned in the header part
  • Once we found the ISP’s name we sent notice to the ISP to provide us the IP address detail
  • we got the email address which was used by the accused to send mails and it was found to be from
  • We sent notice to the to provide login, account creation and password change IP details.
  • We received all the IP details from ISP and checked it at the APNIC site and found that its from the same ISP i.e. Airtel.
  • We received IP address detail from ISP, and it was done from a cyber café at Dwarka, Delhi.
  • We called-up the cyber café guy to verify the given IP address details.
  • We checked the register maintained by the cyber café owner and found the guy using internet. We got the phone number and name of the accused person.
  • We called-up complainant to check their employee database and provide us those names who are residing at Dwarka, also asked them to check those who left the organization within a period of last 3-4 months.
  • The above case was traced and the accused was found to be an employee of the complainant organization.
  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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