• Training for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Inter State, Trans National Criminals
  • KYC ( Know Your Customer) for ISP’s and Bank Accounts
    • Fake Bank Accounts/Fake SIM Cards/ Fake Internet Connection
    • DELAY in Response from Intermediaries/ISP’s
  • Equipments/Facilities for Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Country Specific laws and restrictions
  • Lack of Awareness of IT Act and its implementation
  • Lack of Standardization of Cyber Forensics Tools.
  • Service Providers to Store Data as per regulation and in deliver in desired format.
  • GPRS/Blackberry/3G activities on mobile to me captured with location .
  • Electronic evidence- integrity, volatile nature
  • Children using Internet without proper Parental Guidance and are not aware of the Cyber Threats
  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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