Auction Fraud

  • Auction site.
  • One person posted details of Mobile phones for auction.
  • Many participated and won auctions.
  • The money was to be paid in the bank account with ICICI. After payment none got the deliveries.
  • Complaints made to India Times … no remedy.
  • Reported to CBI. Account was traced to Madurai.
  • Accused, III yr. Engg. student from Madurai arrested.
  • Son of a Contractor, living in posh area of Madurai.
  • Lust for extra pocket money.
  • 3 charge sheets filed. Pending Trial.
  • Sony Ericsson P900 mobile phones were put up for auction by one seller.
  • Market Price 40,000/-. Offering price 15,000/-. Posing himself as Sony Ericsson Importer.
  • Many users placed bids. Seller supplied his bank a/c to bidders, asked to deposit money in his account.
  • Bidders deposited money, mobiles never delivered.
  • Accused was traced and arrested.
  • Final Yr. MBBS student at Bangalore, Malaysian Citizen from affluent family.
  • Could not pass his exams, family cut pocket expenses.
  • As alternative source of income, indulged in cheating people.
  • Later on selling Laptops through “”.
  • Charge-sheeted.
  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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